Paypol PVC Compounds


We are one of the leading manufacturers of RoHS & REACH compliant PVC compounds. Our PVC compounds range of products has applications in industries like Wire & Cable (Insulation, Sheathing, FR & FRLS), Automotive, Footwear and others. In addion, below we have mentioned some of the features of our multi-grade PVC Compounds:

  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Flame retardant
  • Oil resistant
  • Improved low-temperature flexibility
  • Excellent Weatherability

Why Choose Us?

Our PVC compounds conform to various Indian and International standards. They are the preferred choice by many prominent manufacturers and buyers as they are appropriate for extremely low smoke and low toxic gas emission while maintaining high temperature and oxygen index values.

  • We follow strong quality checks at each step to ensure consistency in all the products we deliver.
  • We have experienced and talented team to develop customized products to suit our customers’ requirements.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specs

  • PVC Compounds TDS

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