Payflex Perfumery Plasticizers


Our Perfumery range of Plasticizers have outstanding cost performance characteristics and balanced properties that make them most widely used solvent in cosmetics & perfumeries.

They can also be used as fixatives, as a denaturant for ethyl alcohol, as an extender in the perfumery industry.

Our range of Perfumery Plasticizers includes following:

  • DMP (Di-Methyl Phthalate) – Payflex P 10
  • DEP (Di-Ethyl Phthalate)- Payflex P 20

Why Choose Us?

Our products extend a range of benefits, ensuring optimal quality in multiple applications:

  • Dissolves easily with many natural resins
  • Helps reduce shear strength in polysulfides rubber
  • Binds cosmetics and fragrances
  • Compatible with coumarone resins
  • Low flash point makes it best suitable solvent for perfumeries.


Technical Specifications

Technical Specs

  • DMP (Di-Methyl Phthalate) – Payflex P 10 TDS
  • DEP (Di-Ethyl Phthalate)- Payflex P 20 TDS

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