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In simple terms, a plasticizer is a solid substance or low volatility liquid added to a range of raw polymers used in the market like rubber or plastic. Plasticizers are used to enhance the overall flexibility of the product while reducing friction and making it easy for the polymer to bend and mould. Below are some of the many properties of high-quality plasticizers that we manufacture at Payal Group:

  • They are designed to have a high boiling point.
  • It offers stretchability, high efficiency, and permanence.
  • Effectively lowers the melt viscosity of the product without disturbing the chemical properties of the material.

Why are plasticizers environmentally friendly?

The plasticizer industry contributes to environmental degradation and contamination in more ways than one. However, our expert team at Payal Group has been working on producing eco-friendly plasticizers-chemicals by commercializing the process for bio-plasticizer to pave the way for a cleaner and brighter future. Here’s how plasticizers are exclusively designed to be environmentally friendly:

  • Bio-plasticizers are renewable in nature.
  • They are utilized as an alternative for petroleum-based plasticizers.
  • Bio-plasticizers offer reduced dependency on coal consumption in the plant.
  • Can be employed in an array of applications food wraps, carpet backing, soft toys and more.


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