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Payal Foundation, an initiative by Payal Polyplast Private Limited, is driven by the vision of creating a cohesive society where businesses and communities harmoniously function together. With a legacy of 35 years in the chemical manufacturing industry, Payal Group has established itself as a major player in producing and delivering high-quality products such as general plasticizers, chlorinated paraffins, and PVC compounds across diverse sectors including Wire and Cable, footwear, vinyl leather, Automotives, Medical accessories, and more. Beyond our commitment to achieving business goals, we believe in enriching and nourishing the lives of those around us. To realize this dream, Payal Group has undertaken several social initiatives dedicated to the betterment of society. In 2015, we established the Payal Foundation, a charitable trust focused on health, education, and the environment. Through the foundation, we aim to make a positive impact by supporting initiatives that improve healthcare facilities, promote education, and address environmental challenges.

Join us in our journey to build a better tomorrow, where businesses and communities thrive together, and we create a lasting change for the betterment of society.

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