Chlorinated Paraffins



Payal’s PAYCHLOR Series of Chlorinated paraffin’s are used in blends with PAYAL’S PAYFLEX series to optimize cost, Viscosity and Processability.

An extensive range of chlorinated paraffin grades are available ranging from chlorine content 36% to 65% and specific gravity 1.1 to 1.50.

Paychlor D Series                                         TDS         Request for MSDS
Paychlor K Series                                         TDS         Request for MSDS
Paychlor S Series                                         TDS         Request for MSDS


  • Automotive Metal Working Fluids
  • Vinyl Leather Construction Conveyor Belts
  • Vinyl Flex sheets Adhesives Master Batches
  • PVC Floorings Paints Coatings
  • Suction hose & Tubes Inks
  • Footwear Lacquers