PVC Compounds


Payal Group is a leading manufacturer of PVC compounds serving industrieslike wire & cable (Insulation, Sheathing, FR & FRLS), automotive, footwearand others. (Payal products are ROHS&REACH compliant and offering Phthalate free material).

These compounds conform to various Indian and International standards and are preferred choice by many large manufacturer and buyers. Multiple grades have been developed which provide good electrical properties, flame retardant and oil resistance, and improved low temperature flexibility.

Cables with our PVC compound are used in buildings, constructions, automotive and power grids for low-smoke and flame retardancy. Our FRLS compounds give extremely low smoke and low toxic gas emission while maintaining high values of temperature and oxygen index. Cable grades with anti-rodent and anti-termite properties are also available.

Specifications of PVC Compounds

Material Safety Data Sheet