Environment Health & Safety


Environment Health & Safety

To keep our processes sustainable and environment, we do everything we can to make it possible. We have worked relentlessly, over the years, to create manufacturing that doesn’t harm the planet. Today, we are recognised as a‘zero’ effluent discharge company.

  • Invested a significant amount of capital to replace furnace oil with environment-friendly bio-fuels and bio-diesels for our energy requirements.
  • Partnered in the planting of hundreds of trees, and installation of rain water-harvesting facilities in the community around our plant.
  • Accreditation from DNV as ISO 14001:2015 for conforming to an ‘environment management system’.

“We Understand Our Responsibilities”

  • Educate & train our staff on maintaining highest standards of all of these
  • Our plants are equipped with best fire fighting equipment & first aid facilities
  • Regular Preventive maintenance of plant & machinery
  • All employees covered under ESI/Mediclaim policy as applicable
  • Usage of proper personal safety mask/glasses/helmets etc mandatory
  • We are a ‘zero’ effluent discharge company
  • Incurred huge capital expenditure in shifting from furnace oil to agro based fuels for our energy requirements